Surveying Careers:

The World Is Their Oyster

   Be your student’s guide to a road less travelled


Standouts in Mathematics should not be limited to career options such as law, accountancy and engineering. It's a big world out there; encourage them to explore.


Surveying offers adventure, fulfilment, discipline and growth that will enable your students to be successful not just in their career but in life.


With the increasing demand for surveyors, a secure and stable job awaits you outside that door.


We will continue what you started. A whole industry will assist them every step of the way- from enrolment to employment.

With too much information and pressure in choosing the right path, students get lost and confused. When a student loves maths, geography, technology, science or the outdoors it doesn’t mean they should only go down the traditional career paths

They need someone they can trust to provide them guidence while seeking an ideal path after finishing year 12.

Teacher Resources for Surveying Careers

Information about careers shouldn't be hard to obtain; we are here to help all educators in Australia spread the word about this fantastic career and answer all their questions such as:

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We're passionate about introducing the next generation to the infinite possibilities this profession holds. Whether you're a student eager to explore the landscape of opportunities or a seasoned professional looking to guide bright young minds, our curated work experience and education resources are just a click away.

We understand that the information available for educators when it comes to careers is limited and sometimes confusing.

As educators, you feel responsible for helping your students make the right decision for their careers.

That is why we have career days, events and resources available for free that will equip you and your students with the knowledge to choose the most ideal path.

We have a whole industry behind every student that will support them from start to finish.

The National Surveying Alliance will help your student get on the right path and excel in their surveying career:

Become A Surveyor
Become A Surveyor
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Secure their spot at university or TAFE. They will also have an opportunity to earn while they learn.


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It’s time for them to enjoy the world of surveying and explore unlimited career opportunities.

As mentors, the information available now for helping students find career paths is staggering and often overwhelming. We are here to equip you with the knowledge to overcome problems in guiding students while they choose their career path.

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What your student can look forward to by becoming a surveyor:

The two driving forces of failure when making career and life choices for students are lack of preparation and knowledge.

As educators, equip them with information that will help overcome these challenges. Grab the information pack now and learn more about this purposeful career.

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