Guide Your Child’s Career Path With Surveying Careers

Your Children, Our Future

Surveying enables your kids to have a happy and fulfilling career while making a difference in the world 


Surveying is a path for students who want to explore the world and seek new horizons.

Career Satisfaction

Having a purposeful job while enjoying the beauty of the world is something many careers cannot offer.

100% Employment Rate

With the increasing demand for surveyors, a secure, stable career awaits your child after high school.

Rewarding and Relevant

By choosing surveying as a career, students will have one of Australia's most impactful and highest-earning jobs.

Limiting your child’s career options because they’re good at maths to engineering, medicine, or accounting is an old way of thinking.

Restricting them with traditional career options is the same as limiting their potential. Let them explore the world!

Do you want to encourage your child to get a career that will see them happy, fulfilled, and financially stable in the future?

Supporting them to take the next step in their life is a challenging task as a parent. We will help you and your child make the right decision and avoid these situations:

We always want the best for our children; we want them to be happy, supported and enjoy what they do.

That is why we have a whole industry behind every student that will support them from start to finish.

Guide Your Child's Career Path with Surveying Careers

The National Surveying Alliance will help your child get on the right path and excel in their surveying career:

Become A Surveyor
Become A Surveyor
Become A Surveyor
Become A Surveyor


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Experience it First hand

A customised learning experience for your students with the best surveyors in the country.


Choose the Study Pathway

Secure their spot at University or TAFE. They will also have an opportunity to earn while they learn.


Watch Them Succeed

It’s time for them to enjoy the world of surveying and explore unlimited career opportunities.

Don’t let overwhelming information from different universities and training providers confuse you on advising your children. Let us support them to make the biggest decision of their life by providing a variety of options.

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What your Child can look forward to by becoming a surveyor:

Your child is full of potential. Do not let a four-walled office stop them from exploring the world and making a difference.

Grab an information pack now and learn more about a purposeful career that awaits them.

Becoming a surveyor!

We know how important it is to find a career that you will love. Being a Surveyor is not just a career, it is a profession that is critical to the ongoing development of Australia and Australia needs you right now!

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