Become a Surveyor

  Join the ranks of the greatest explorers.


Enjoy a career that can take you around the world. A career that allows you to work both indoors and outdoors.


With the increasing demand for surveyors, a secure and stable job awaits you outside that door.


You will be rewarded with one of the highest-earning
jobs in Australia.


Use cool technology and enjoy the diversity of working indoors and outdoors, different locations and environments

Your love for technology, science, geography, maths and working outdoors should take you to places other than an office cubicle. You have the entire world to explore. Becoming an engineer, doctor, lawyer, or accountant shouldn’t be the only career option you consider.

We understand there's a lot at risk for you in choosing the wrong career

Making the biggest decision of your life should be fun and exciting. It's not fair that you have all this pressure and yet you aren't given the information you need to make a good choice...

We know how important it is to find a career you will love.

Being a surveyor isn't just a career, its a profession that is critical to the ongoing development of Australia, and Australia needs you right now!

That is why we have work experience options that allow you to experience the diversity surveying offers. We will help you lay a foundation for a dream future.

Explore the world and make a difference with us

Surveying is vital to the economic development of Australia with a 100% employment rate and high-income potential. There’s no better option.


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Experience Surveying

Learn more about surveying through work experience, online training and hosted surveying days with surveyors.


Enroll In A Course

Enjoy learning at University or TAFE. You could even start a part-time job within the industry while you complete your course.


The World Is Your Oyster

Have an exciting, well-paid career and join the ranks of the most famous people the world has ever known.

Surveying is a career you will love!

The entire Australian economy relies on Surveyors, you could play a big role

Earn a good income

Have A Career Of Purpose,
Meaning And Variety


Feel Happy And Fulfilled

Have Variety

100% Job Placement

Don't make the the wrong choice in choosing your career. It could be costly or even worse...Boring!

Get an information pack and ask about our work experience opportunities today. 

Becoming a surveyor!

We know how important it is to find a career that you will love. Being a Surveyor is not just a career, it is a profession that is critical to the ongoing development of Australia and Australia needs you right now!

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